Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2nd Costume Gatherin... ^^,

Wat we did durin d gatherin.... 1st.. v had Carl's Jr 4 lunch... then Kieran suggested to watch iron man at IMAX... so these picz of us r on d way to IMAX....

ermmm...... on d way out from IMAX?!?!?

After d movie, we decided to catch some picz.... amirul (havta go bac bfore 5pm), martin (need to get his hair-cut), max (went to work)

On d way to browse for our costumes.... ^^,

Afta shoppin, v get some lecka-lecka ice-cream!!!! ^^,
at d end, some of d boyz manage to get their coat n some even their pants.... well for galz, there are just too much choices for us to choose from everywhere.... ;)

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