Friday, June 6, 2008

Money. Money. Money. Yay.

Ish... everything I type here is about money.

But hey, that's expected.

Tomorrow, those who have not paid for gathering please pay RM10 when you see me tomorrow.

EVERYBODY MUST PAY. Whether you come for it or not. You don't bring tomorrow, Julia and I will throw you into the pool and dunk you under for 30 seconds. You don't come and don't pay I'll put you on my "People to call when I emo/PMS/angry list" and curse at you. Hey, I'm honest.

On another note, you all can start paying t-shirt money at the next GM.

And another thing. THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT PAID NAMETAG MONEY. Please do so. Or you will have no nametag. Yes, I can make you post-less on TTNite. You'll just be some person in white and no nametag.

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