Wednesday, March 19, 2008

91 And Done.

by Amirul ("Paul") B Ruslan. (Visit his personal blog here)

After three whole days of interviewing, we the TT Nite initial organizing committee have finally closed our recruitment drive.

The principal interviewers were me, Winky, and Jeff; assisted heavily by Carmen and Siok Cheng, though also aided on by Tabby, Myke, Yau Wai and others. I've probably missed a few names, so if I have, well sucks to you. And apologies.

As you may have read in the previous posts, we did a total of 25 interviews on the first day. Yesterday on the 18th of March we added on that with an extra 32, and today we did a rather amazing 34 interviews. All in all, an amazing 91 people came for the Talent Time Nite 2008 interviews: a rather high turnout - we'd seen about 105 people sign up at our recruitment booth.

Winky and my own initial expectation had been something closer to 80 maximum interviews, with probably about 60 actual candidates. This number was a lot higher, and at times we didn't even have the manpower to support the long queues!

A grading scheme was eventually passed (aha! pun) by Winky, Jeff and me: we needed candidates to score above 7.5 for them to be in our Tier I candidates, the ones who were under serious consideration for senior posts. Scores above 5.0 were the absolute minimum, being our rudimentary passing grade. We based it on a combination of knowledge, experience, skill, confidence and a good first impression.

So now we're finalizing on who's in and who's not. Watch this space.

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