Monday, March 17, 2008

Interviews: Day One Of Three

Five people were involved in the interviewing sessions at the SWC Room today, and they were me, Winky, Jeff, Carmen and Siok Cheng.

You'll probably remember Carmen for her extremely funny comments on the Cbox. She's soo popular.

At the beginning of the day there had been 57 signups on the interview-candidates list, and the list rose to a rather phenomenal 86 by the end of the day. At this rate I have the slight suspicion that we're not even going to be able to interview all of the available people.

25 people were interviewed today: good output - had a long empty spell around ten to about eleven, then packed with interviews 'til practically the end of the day.

Jeff/Jevil was on hand for his ever-interesting questions, which was probably best seen in his one-off question to this one girl, "Do you have pets?" Man, do I love Jeff.

Winky's astounded look back to Jeff pretty much summed up my emotion too.

We had a number of good candidates, and a number of bad times too: there were those lacking any real interest, a few who were too nervous to offer us anything more than a basic idea, as well as the one incident where a guy answered his phone whilst being interviewed, going on to talk on the phone for the next two to four minutes (!) in Mandarin with Siok Cheng and me in front.

I think with this experience done, we've got plenty of energy in the SSSH SWC to fuel the future TT Nite cabinet (excuse my electoral-speak) for a great time.

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