Monday, March 24, 2008

oFFiCiAL d@y 4 cOmMiTte3 Li$t

ermmm..... Amirul givin out ang-pau 2 winky!!! wow.. RM10... hehehehe.. actually chair-man givin winky money to buy hp number 4 our special event, TT Nite!!!

myke!!!! givin out opinion for the committee listin (if i remember correctly)... showin some points wit her fingers... *zoom in*

*blur*... no idea wat's sarah doin... mayb listen 2 SWC members crackin some jokes?!? @_@

i'm SO sure she's listenin 2 one of them.... *serious moment* K...

For ONCE!!!! every1 is actually payin attention 2 our "bloved" chairman!!! :p

K down 2 business... planin our planner chart for SAD officers to see n make sure we are on d right track for our BIG BIG event!! *wat am i doin?!! i should be hearin & givin some comments...* well... no comments.. all of them are too good!!!! *grin*

Jeff hands intensively movin around while talkin n plannin wit all d SWC members

i THINK amirul wanna destroy d keyboard.. after d meetin end.. mayb he can FEELz the stress.. =.="

our OFFICIAL committee for TT Nite 08~~~ the hard work is startin NOW... *cry* *cry*

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