Tuesday, March 18, 2008

C@r3 for BoOtH

Sarah.. U wanna kiss my web-cam?!!

Tis is their re-action when students ask them bout TT Nite...

Now we can SEE Sarah & Tabby takin care of our booth at 10am 2day!!!! Plz Notice wat r dey DOIN..

p.s --> plz dun kill me... ;)


tabby said...

wow that was fast!

mEn_m3n said...

LOLz!!!! ada kelas after tat... so fast2 post... :p

Slave said...

80+++ PPL liao 1st day..

lol, can sau kong liao loh! u already find most of your candidate rite?

so far which is the most popular post and least popular post?