Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hav Fun !!!!!

today is 26/3/2008. yesterday just meet with all the Talent Time Night 2008's committee. The impression that i give you all is like... haha... nvm... but when things start... then you all will know... mua~~hahahah!!!!! (Jevil) <(^@^)>

We all are the same, learn from each others, i really dont know what to say,but... all the best!!!
I m a Free Thinker ,but i believe in one thing, we can meet each others, then its consider as "Yuan Fen" already. Maybe after this event, we will not meet each others anymore, so... appreciate what you have now, especially me la ofcz,haha :p

This is the 1st time i use blogger, i have write alot of blogs before, in my friendster: but its not so easy to be understand.

Coming Friday will having a meeting,then it will be the 1st meeting, MAKE THE THINGS HAPPEN! starts from this Friday 28/3/2008.

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