Monday, April 28, 2008

about me (primary sch lvl,if u dun 1 hate jeff then plz dun read)

Ths blog is my feeling abt TTnite08 and promoting my own blog

erm...i reli dunknw tat i sud post in here anot? watevr...pretend u dint read after u read. When i receive the message frm amiru that SSH wil handle TTnite for this year,i was damn freaking happy abt that! (this happy maintain 2minutes then its disappear). I m the PnP director in OOnite last year (cz OOnite under SSH SWC). Base on my experience,work will be done by well when only tats a teamwork in a team. every where that having humans,gossip will be there also,and ofcoz i lov u,u lov me,ma ma mi. I hope this kind of thing wil not happen in this year TTnite n OOnite aslo.

When i was the PnP director,sincerely tat the first 2 meeting,i was enjoyin my day dream so call mcc(mong cha cha). when 1st PnP come then means also the "chance of learning" comes also.1st day,2nd day n so on will b compare abt the improvement of own booth. I believe that this year PnP dept wil not make me disappiont.PR n Security, i promise u all i wil do my best 2 invite CHUA for the crew briefing,currently he is busy but i believe he will do his best to assist us also.

Be sincere that i was getting high since i receive the msg until now n until the actual nite. Stress is follow at the back aslo.Maybe you think that this was just a college event,but trust me,ur impression will effect ur whole life,if you cnt prove that u r serious in doing work then in the future,ppl might not trust u anymore.If u do ur best n serious in ur task,trust me! ppl seeing that and they will appreciate ur effort 4 runing this college event that not gonna pay u 4 single sen.

For me,TTnite is like a war(seriously), I believe our committee no 1 like 2 lose in war.What i can see in our committee is all SPARTANS,even the size is small,but the spirit to gain the glory of winning the war is not doubt by me. SPARTANS!!!! The war will GETTING start very soon, R u all ready ?

*if you feel high 2 fight now,then plz dun read the *ps section.thx

*again that i cnt imagine i wil type a long essay like this...
*i stil wish to continue typing but my father tiao me dy...(xiao lian eh! no ned sleep ar)
*ohya...thx Sarah n carmen 2 teach me decorate my own blog. thx
* www.jeffjevil, (hardselling)

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