Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update: Business Department

To business department:

As you all know me, my name is Michael 001. Please update me via email regarding on your progress by this 3rd May 2008!

Progress detail should be included:
1. Sponsor Contacted so far.
2. Sponsorship letter sent so far.
3. Sponsor Comfirm so far.
4. Detail of sponsor (provide in this format)

Email to me in : with the title: business Progress (your department)

Name of the officer:
Company Name:

Marketing officer
Marketing Department
Makmur Megah sdn Bhd
78, Jln Mulua
Taman Lansi

To business assistant:
Just to let you progress is a bit too slow compare to other society business team, hope you all could increase your speed in doing follow up.

Just to let you know the avg speed of doing follow up from 0 contact to find contact in website and do cold calling till you get the person incharge is about

you are able to build up your contact about 20-40 contact person per day. (that minimum btw)

As for P&S department:
Please focus on your finalist prizesssssss:
there will be roughly about 18 position...
regarding this i will reupdate you all again.

As for refreshment deparment:
I am happy with your progress, just wanted to say you all did the best so far, Hope you can defend you title for next month progress.

anyway, SPEED UP!! I do believe you all come here to learn right? come on!

as for other people, if you have any other idea bout sponsor:
feel free to give suggestion (Thru MSN only ya haha)

oh ya... to those who read this msg, can you inform:
justin, olive - biz department
Rain, yin loong - P&S deparment
freedom, assistant(sry forget your name) - Refreshment dep

thru sms please.
I am currently in HK attending Gift and premium fair 2008
I am sorry for any incovience causes!
btw, to those who sms me this few days using digi line.. 1 word KUDOS for you all..
check your credit how much it flies away! haha

Update from me:
Magazine section already comfirm!
so don't tell me your progress is still pending! as they are able to confrim with me on 2days!

do follow up after you send the sponsorship.

Last 1... do tell me what deal you are dealing with them.

P/S: Do not close the deal yourself without my consent!

Thank you, enjoy your holiday.
Sry for lot of meeting i did not attend. ---> those who wanted to find job

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