Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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I've been stuck on some serious buggered Internet connections, meaning I haven't been online as much as I'd like, haven't blogged on my own blog as much as I'd like, and haven't spammed Carmen on MSN as much as I'd like.

But one thing seems to hit me regardless of who's computer I use, and that's the fact that I can't get the blog to work properly. Myke's changes in integrating the website with the blog is a nice touch but ultimately hollow - a blog's supposed to be a journal. A diary. A weblog.

I'd like to keep the new format, but with complaints of the tagboard (which probably is what most people visiting here want to check out) not working well, the comments-page being missing and the inefficient HTML code being used (but I think some of it's bad JavaScript too, maybe? I dunno), I think it's best we stick to a tried-and-tested simple text+photos blog. I'm changing the design and going old-school blogspot.

Any queries, suggestions or further comments can be posted on the blog, or sent via MSN/email to any of the people you see running this thing. Most probably me.

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mEn_m3n said...

easy!!! amirul, u spammed me on msn... ppl just luv 2 nudge me... =.=" i'll spammed u bac through facebook!!!!!