Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Gathering!!! lolz....

Last saturday v having a happy journey in KL,v bla bla bla n bla bla bla... ok...i knw u all young ppl like fun rite? yoyoyo,check check,jeff in the house yoyoyo...

29/04/08 (tuesday) 9am SWC room will having a general meeting. Since i had tell u all early,then for those who late comers,they will be the charitarian who donate RM5. For the VBP (very bad philanthropist)-me(jeff). If late then will be fine RM15. So i believe that you all have no reason to be late,some committee ned to exam later,so i hope it can be finish faster. early in the 6am morning,i wil brush my teeth and I will eat breakfast with Mr Nyak and open door with S.A.D. and and and will sing Timberland's song for those later having exam."Its too late to memories"

For those that cant attend,pls inform your directors and make sure there will be someone in your dept to present for your dept progress. Think carefully about the reason that makes you cant attend the meeting. If I can accept then it will be a reason,if i cnt accept then it will be an excuse. oh ya...dun forget that i m the bad guy.

Agenda setting (SSH student like this...)

1. Department progress

2. Deep to PnP

3. Sample of the stage "ice"

4. Man power (crew,hv u all send me that?)

5. Replacement

6. Q&A (i will prepare some question for you all ,so dun be so worry abt this 1 of our committee say that i dint push u all n i too

PS*bring along ur fren tat want to be the crew(the name n the phonenumber).All committee wil say thx 4 them! appreciate!!!

*i hope spiral of silent will not happen here...

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